Project Papua is underway

ahe beach From the 16th of November Dave will be on the remote island of Ahe, part of the Harlem Islands in Papua. We will further assist the local community in their efforts to set up a dive centre on the currently inhabited Ahe Island. So far 20 teenagers have been trained to open water level and they will now pursuit further training in their dive master programme. Together with the local community we will assess what is needed to take steps forward in creating proper facilities to receive dive tourists. For those keen on ultimate diving adventures / as soon as we return from Papua we will write a full report on the diving and possibilities to visit Ahe on short notice.

With thanks to the local government there is already an inventory of dive gear and a compressor… there are however more things on the wishlist and we hope that there are divers and dive centres out there that would like to help to warmly support the Papuans in their efforts. Currently on top of our wish list are: (NOTE… THANKS TO Lucas divestore we were able to fulfil this wishlist!)
– Dive computers
– Wet suits (5mm long in all sizes)
– Wet suits (5mm shorty in all sizes)

We are also looking for the help of a diving education organisation with the translation of their training books into Indonesian and malay. We will personally contact these organisations, but if there is anyone out there that has already some dive theory.. (preferably advanced and up) in indonesian or malay available that would be great.