Ahe region sharks will feature in National Geographic

Great publicity for the Ahe region……but with a slight note :

Michael Aw the photographer, despite being aware of the whale shark project in place, visited the whale sharks fully on it’s own thus not involving any of the local papuans working on the whale shark project. After his visit he started selling his own trips – again without involving the project – and even proclaimed to start up his own project…?  Several questions from our end where not answered so we don’t have a great feeling from this self proclaimed marine life saver.

Despite that.. we are obviously delighted to see even more publicity coming up for the region, but truly hope that all people that want to visit will do so in a sustainable manner and one that is beneficial to the local community! The only way we currently now of to do so is to book via Papua Eco Tourism or via the Ahe dive resort!

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