The book

Do you speak the official underwater language? Now you can! And at the same time support the work of the Scubasigns Foundation.

We took on the challenge of compiling all commonly used scuba diving handsignals into one book! The benefits fully go to the work of the Scubasigns Foundation. We are very happy that it has been in the top 20 of world wide selling dive books consistently and in use by divers from over 60 countries. On behalf of our projects and all people, fish and reefs involved… big thanks!! If you don’t have one yet.. don’t hesitate..  It’s a book every diver loves to have and it will make your dives safer, more interesting and more fun. If not for yourself then it will make a great gift for any diver or buddy couple.

Our buddies at amazon will send you one quite fast please use this link.

Not convinced yet? … let’s throw some good old marketing words in then….

Scubasigns .. the guide to all diving hand signals deals with different elements of diving:

– Surface
– Basics- Night
– Marine Life
– Numbers
– Teaching & Guiding
– Problem (solving)
– Environment
– Wreck
– Tech
– Fun
– Alternatives

A must have for every diver

If you like diving, you will love this book. Scubasigns makes your dives safer, more interesting and more fun.

Speak the same language

Benefit from the years of research that went into this book to make it the definitive guide to all scuba diving hand signals. From now on all divers can speak the same language..

Nearly 500 hand signals

Learn nearly 500 underwater hand signals. Every signal is easy to understand and photographed underwater.

Mind blowing images

Scubasigns contains contributions from some of the world’s best underwater photographers.

We hope we were able to convince you… Please help us to make a difference !


4 Responses to The book

  1. theo says:

    netjes hoor!

  2. ekowahyu says:

    Wow Nice Place, i see your stand at Deep Indonesia 2010 at JCC, and i am interesting to your Whale Shark Photo can i take that photo to publish at my blog and for trade i will place your link at my Blog

  3. ekowahyu says:

    can i take your Whale Shark for my BLog?

    For Trade I will Place your link at my blog post

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