About us

Scubasigns logo 1Many regions in the world are blessed with astonishing marine life and reef eco systems. More than often these environments are heavily exploited with the use of non-sustainable fishing methods, aimed purely at short-term profit for a small group of people. We help local communities to create a more sustainable and more profitable income from their natural treasures by implementing eco dive tourism as an alternative.

The Scubasigns Foundation was founded by Dave van Stijn and Mike Harterink. Dave, a dive instructor and marine life enthusiast, has a history as an entrepreneur.  After establishing over ten successful companies he decided to use his experience for the benefit of marine life and people in developing areas. Mike is a platinum Padi Course Director and has trained thousands of people to become scuba diver and dive instructor. Between the two of them they have dived all corners of the world and have a vast reputation & network in the diving industry.


3 Responses to About us

  1. Anita Van Gastel says:

    Hallo, Ik kom juist terug van PNG. In welke provincie ligt Ahe, Harlem Islands?

    • scubasigns says:

      Hai Anita,

      Ahe is onderdeel van de Haarlem eilanden en ligt in de cenderawasih baai in (west) Papua .. (indonesie)… dicht bij de stad Nabire.

      Groetjes, Dave

  2. Kaye Smith says:

    Wow! this is simply amazing and for sure our next diving holiday destination, did not imagine some place so out of this world existed in this region!. the book is also awesome! a great idea that should be a standard feature in every diver training centre!

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