Mola Mola at Ahe

How cool is that! / if the whale sharks were not enough.. mola mola at Ahe Dive resort. with some regularity so it seems. Our guys out (with crappy camera šŸ˜‰ there will further research this new dive site and document how often and during which times the mola mola frequent this location. Apparently fishermen get them in their nets at this site all year round so about time divers take over!


One Response to Mola Mola at Ahe

  1. David & Lesley says:

    We were there when these photos were taken and were very excited as we’d never seen a mola mola before. We were coming back from a whale shark trip and happened to see this fin flopping around on the surface. We didn’t know what it was until one of the guests (Frank from The Netherlands, who happened to take these photos) cried out “mola mola!!”, grabbed his mask and camera and dived into the water. The two dive guides (Enos and Zakarias) and us jumped in after him and came face to face with this odd creature. Just amazing!

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