This one just doesn’t know when to stop sucking


yeah yeah we know… another whale shark movie ;-) .. a very cool one though

These are weekly events for our divers / but they remain some of the coolest animals in the world!

Pictures please!

Photorequest one!
All visitors to the Ahe dive resort of the last half year. Please send in all your cool pictures (above and under water) so we can use them for the new ahe website we are about to set up. Your name will obviously be mentioned!

Photorequest two!
Whale shark researcher and specialist brent stewart has tagged some of our whalesharks to see how they wonder through the bay and find out more about their behaviour / migration etc. If you have any pictures of the whale sharks with a tag on it / please send them in as well.

Kind regards

Dave van Stijn & Mike Harterink …. pictures can go to directly or use for the larger files.




Mola Mola at Ahe

How cool is that! / if the whale sharks were not enough.. mola mola at Ahe Dive resort. with some regularity so it seems. Our guys out (with crappy camera 😉 there will further research this new dive site and document how often and during which times the mola mola frequent this location. Apparently fishermen get them in their nets at this site all year round so about time divers take over!