German whale shark friends

This weekend on the BOOT fair in Dusseldorf we where surprised with a cheque of 2000 euro to be used for the work of the Scubasigns Foundation.

The cheque was presented by Marcus Roth (Maro Visions), Uwe Kiehl (UK-Germany) and Maik Solf (aquaventure tauchreisen). They raised the money for the cheque by selling an absolutely fabulous calender with whale shark pictures they made during their visit to Ahe.

Thanks again guys and we will put the money to good use!

… The sale of the calender continues! please click here


Ahe ahoy…

The last year and a half Mike and I had the pleasure to assist Papua Eco Tourism in their efforts to create a dive resort in one of the most unique locations in the world. The news of the resident whale sharks travelled around the world fast and we were delighted to see the first dive tourists venturing into this remote and undeveloped area. Diving adventure pur sang. The experience for us has been a unique one and has changed our lives in many ways. We would like to thank everyone who helped us to make this possible and the young Papuans from the Harlem Islands in particular.

Ahe now sets the next step in its development. Papua Eco Tourism strives for more autonomy and we  feel we have done all we can do to give them a good start. The seed of income through eco tourism has been planted, facilities where created, the area was mapped. Most importantly awareness has been created locally that taking care of your environment creates an interesting economic perspective.  Despite that we will nog longer be operationally involved we look forward to assist Papua Eco Tourism with advice whenever necessary.

Our advice to anyone considering visiting Ahe.. This could be the experience of a lifetime, but be prepared for the unexpected. The development of Ahe is in an early stage and you will not see the normal level of safety, service, organisation planning etc.. that you might be used to at a well developed resort.

If you are not ‘fussy’ .. don’t hesitate, The experience with the whale sharks is out of this world! For bookings and all other direct contact with ahe dive resort please contact Mr. Arne Pijnakker at