Disaster strikes in West Papua

Major floods and land slides in the area of Wasior West Papua (around 100 miles from Ahe) has caused a catastrophe to the region. The death toll is rising every hour and with many people still missing it seems that the full extent is still not known.

The guys working at the resort immediately headed to the area in one of the resorts boats to look for relatives and to see where they could help. The information we got back from them is terrible. Currently we have no communication with them anymore since they can’t recharge the mobile phone they took with them. Below some of the alarming information that reached us by sms.

/ Robby’s nephew swept away by the mud and disappeared.
/ No electricity and cables above ground fully vanished
/ People need to be evacuated / thousands of houses gone or badly damaged
/ Many victims under the mud
/ No food, fresh water and petrol
/ Many wounded – no medicine
/ No transport – all boats are destroyed
/ one year old child found dead under the mud
/ blind grandmother stayed behind in house – house gone
/ Smell get’s unbearable
/ Army arrived with floating hospital

Our heart goes out to the people of the Wasior region and to anyone who has lost their loved ones, family and all their possession. Once we have more news we will keep you informed. We are looking as well into ways of helping those in need… more on this and how you can help will follow shortly.


Update on November 1o..
Last what we heard is that most people left wasior because normal living wasn’t possible there anymore. The government is now looking into building a complete new town nearby.


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