Hammerhead fishing

We received these pictures from our boys in papua. At one of the fishing platforms in the area they encountered fishermen who caught 2 hammerhead sharks. A year ago this would not have shocked the local papuan dive guides, but now they where disgusted themselves and succeeded to buy a still living baby hammerhead shark for 50.000 rupiah (around 5 euro) that they immediately released. Unfortunately the fishermen had already killed the larger hammerhead.

We are very proud that the papuans involved in the project now see themselves what is harmful to their own surroundings and which species mostly need looking after. Let’s hope this knowledge and passion will also be common practice amongst more people in the area. Legislation and controlling fishing boats in the harbours would further increase protecting the most vulnerable species.. we will work hard to achieve this.

The hammerheads were caught at the same location that we visit to see and swim with the whale sharks. This further strengthens our already ambivalent feeling towards the fishermen. Together with local authorities and other conservation organisations we will need to find a good solution towards the future. For now the guys have at least saved one.. let’s hope it becomes a big big hammerhead with a lot of ofspring.

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2 Responses to Hammerhead fishing

  1. Anders Osterballe says:

    Dear Ahe Team,
    I think what you are doing down there is absolutely fantastic.
    giving us divers the opportunity to dive/swim with Whale sharks on their premises and conditions, not ours is a fantastic possibility to encounter these magnificent animals.

    we are 3 adventurous Divers, Junior MSD, 14 years 150+ Dives, myself DM 200+ dives and a rescue diver 250+ dives. we would like to pay you guys a 10-12 days visit and do some fantastic diving, when would you recommend us to come, what is the best time???

    I am personally supporting different marine projects, i.e the Dwarf Minke Whale studies from JCU, Cairns. I would be very happy to hear about your onward development and future plan for the resort.

    looking forward to hear from.

    Anders Osterballe
    Hong Kong

  2. You can’t leave it to the government and NGO’s to do something – you have to take the lead yourself! If everyone waits for someone else to do something then it’ll never happen. Misool Eco resort and our friends at Shark Savers have put together a petition to ban shark fishing in Raja Ampat and so far have 8,500 signatures. I have given presentations to the Raja Ampat government and so far have their support for the ban. Watch this space…


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