Ahe management appointed

We are very proud to announce that Pat and Leen Adam from Belgium will join us on the Ahe Dive Resort. From October 2010 they will further assure that visitors to Ahe have the time of their life and a journey they will never forget. The local Papuans are very excited about this new phase in our project as well, they look forward learning more skills and developing best practices in dive eco tourism.

–> Update January
After a period of two months Papua Eco Tourism and PAT concluded that the point of view regarding the developments on Ahe where to far apart. Arne Pijnakker of Papua Eco Tourism has taken over the management of Ahe.


3 Responses to Ahe management appointed

  1. marovisions says:

    What a great choice. We meet both of them in Kri Eco last year! I think they´re the “right” people for Ahe!

  2. bambangSoedjatmiko says:

    Please comply with local laws pertaining to immigration and taxation policy. I saw many people come to work in Indonesia without proper legal documentation. Just because someone is passionate about conservation or working to save the environment, does not give them the excuses not to comply with locals laws & regulations.

    And off course congratulations for your appointment!

    • scubasigns says:

      We fully agree! Local law and customs should always be respected and served to the best interest of the local people. We believe whenever possible that locals should do as much of the work themselves And foreigners should only work temporarily to train and empower Local people. Take nothing and leave knowledge behind is a strict tule we work by.

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