Whale shark picture of the week… The Jan-Frans special


Hammerhead fishing

We received these pictures from our boys in papua. At one of the fishing platforms in the area they encountered fishermen who caught 2 hammerhead sharks. A year ago this would not have shocked the local papuan dive guides, but now they where disgusted themselves and succeeded to buy a still living baby hammerhead shark for 50.000 rupiah (around 5 euro) that they immediately released. Unfortunately the fishermen had already killed the larger hammerhead.

We are very proud that the papuans involved in the project now see themselves what is harmful to their own surroundings and which species mostly need looking after. Let’s hope this knowledge and passion will also be common practice amongst more people in the area. Legislation and controlling fishing boats in the harbours would further increase protecting the most vulnerable species.. we will work hard to achieve this.

The hammerheads were caught at the same location that we visit to see and swim with the whale sharks. This further strengthens our already ambivalent feeling towards the fishermen. Together with local authorities and other conservation organisations we will need to find a good solution towards the future. For now the guys have at least saved one.. let’s hope it becomes a big big hammerhead with a lot of ofspring.

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Lupi and Nomini’s bali adventure.. update

Lupi and Nomini who are following a three month training/internship with Aquamarine bali are having a great time. For them it is all new. Flying, being in a ‘hectic’ surrounding, working in a professional organisation, servicing large groups of dive tourists. Also the little things like celebrating your birthday together with all your collegues singing for you is already quite something for them. With a birthday party, the start of their english training course and diving with mola mola’s they had a smashing week. Thanks Aquamarine for taking care of our boys so well!

Ahe featured in Action Asia Magazine

Nice spread of our big friends in Action Asia Magazine. Check them out on http://www.actionasia.com/actionasia/Home/

Ahe management appointed

We are very proud to announce that Pat and Leen Adam from Belgium will join us on the Ahe Dive Resort. From October 2010 they will further assure that visitors to Ahe have the time of their life and a journey they will never forget. The local Papuans are very excited about this new phase in our project as well, they look forward learning more skills and developing best practices in dive eco tourism.

–> Update January
After a period of two months Papua Eco Tourism and PAT concluded that the point of view regarding the developments on Ahe where to far apart. Arne Pijnakker of Papua Eco Tourism has taken over the management of Ahe.

Whale shark Picture of the week Yulian

On this picture one of our big friends together with Yulian. Yulian normally takes care of the diving materials on Ahe + he is a great artists – making all the t-shirts / handicraft etc… he had a wonderfull day with the whale sharks and from this inspiration he is now making painted coconuts (with beautiful whale sharks on them) for guests that visit Ahe

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A whollatta sucking going on .. Whale shark pic of the week

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