Two Papuan Boys of to a big Bali adventure

Working at the Ahe Dive resort and dealing with foreign dive tourists already changed their lives a lot, but now more adventure is coming up for Nomini and Lupi.  For the first time they will leave Papua to learn more about being a diveguide in Bali. In advance we would like to thank Aquamarine in Bali for making this possible. It will be an enormous experience for these boys. Also their families and all other staff at Ahe are excited and looking forward to the experience that they will bring back to ahe after their three months traineeship. During the next three months we will keep everyone up to date on the adventures of Lupi and Nomini, two great Papuan boys determined to become professional dive guides.


2 Responses to Two Papuan Boys of to a big Bali adventure

  1. It is a privilege to be part of their education =)
    See you soon guys!

  2. Marcel says:

    WOw, congrats! THat is brilliant news.

    Am sure their experiences will help Ahe develop as a top destination!

    Good luck boys.

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