Whale shark Pic of the week “I Love Whale sharks”

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Two Papuan Boys of to a big Bali adventure

Working at the Ahe Dive resort and dealing with foreign dive tourists already changed their lives a lot, but now more adventure is coming up for Nomini and Lupi.  For the first time they will leave Papua to learn more about being a diveguide in Bali. In advance we would like to thank Aquamarine in Bali for making this possible. It will be an enormous experience for these boys. Also their families and all other staff at Ahe are excited and looking forward to the experience that they will bring back to ahe after their three months traineeship. During the next three months we will keep everyone up to date on the adventures of Lupi and Nomini, two great Papuan boys determined to become professional dive guides.

Free the whalesharks in Tateyama Japan

On July 25 and August 10 two whale sharks were caught by Japanese fishermen off the coast of Tateyama-Chiba prefecture, Japan. The two whale sharks are currently held in a 50×50 meter space, 7meters tall, that is cordoned off by a net.
While waiting for an aquarium to house the whale sharks, facilitators are taking the opportunity to profit by letting 40 divers inside the enclosure daily, as well as boat tours, creating a lot of stress to the whale sharks. In addition, the tiny enclosure forces the sharks to make a lot of sharp turns, causing it to burn off its energy very fast.
The man-made environment can also not cater to a whale shark’s special feeding requirements. In short, its inability to adapt to this captivity will drastically reduce the sharks lifespan.

How crazy are divers even thinking of going there for fun!!!??? they should go there to cut up the nets if you ask me… Sign the petition or take other action – this has to stop!

Big articles on Ahe & Whalesharks in Duiken magazine (Holland)

Both in the current issue and in the October issue there will be two great articles in Duiken magazine. They were among the first visitors at the Ahe dive resort toghether with Eigen Wijze Duikreizen and the guys out there had an amazing time with them. Thanks for all your support and producing these great articles!! And for all you divers out there, don’t miss it!

whale shark picture of the week

selamat makan / see more whaleshark pictures here

Ahe dive resort hits cover Scubadiver Australasia .” Discovery of the Decade”

Scubadiver Australasia just hit the shops with the whalesharks of Ahe on the cover and a story on the whalesharks by ‘yours truly’ Get your copy or have a peak at the digital version here

Important info for people that want to visit Ahe

Scubasigns helps Papua Eco Tourism in the organisation and communication with people that want to visit Ahe Dive Resort and the whale sharks. The number of people we can accommodate is limited at this time (maximum 6 at a time), but for those that manage to go there… you are up for the experience of a lifetime!

We are happy to let you all know that we now work together with three agents with a high reputation in the dive travel industry. They look forward to help you with your booking and all travel arrangements.

For people from Holland :
Please contact EWDR. Arjan Gunnink and his team are ready for all your dive travel wishes

For people from Germany :
Please contact aquaventure tauchreisen. Maik Solf is looking forward answering your questions.

For people from Asia
Please contact Aquamarine Diving in Bali. The Ahe info will be on their website soon

For all other divers please mail scubasigns directly at info@scubasigns.com

On behalf of Papua Eco Tourism we have compiled a document with a lot of basic info on the project and Resort. You can download it by clicking on this link ahediveresortinformationjuli2010