Training days at Ahe dive resort

Thanks to the training of Rutger, Annet & Maurice our staff learned a lot the last weeks.

Rutger Annet & Maurice  kicked of with an open water training to staff that did not yet have their certificate.

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Congratulations to Stephen Raraawi, Jeksi Manuaron, Polyo Sawaki, Risal Manuaron and Rido Manuaron. All staff on Ahe now have a diving certificate. Even when our staff is not part of the dive team, we still encourage them to dive for their hobby and get to know their unique environment.

Next all staff received a training on dangerous marine life and the first emergency respons if problems occur! Everybody loved this / very interesting!!

Robert Sawaki, Enos Sawaki & Lupiaga Rouw received their advanced training. They will follow further training on rescue and divemaster and will be prepared to strenghten our current dive team.

Then there was a unique training given by Rutger to the dive team, our captians and head of diving materials Yulian. Rutger learned them everything about servicing and repairing their dive gear and that of the visiting tourists if need be. Big big thanks go out to Eddy van Vliet of Scuba Support in Loosdrecht, Rob Dekker of Dive Post in Zoetermeer and Richard Wagenaar! They donated a huge amount of special tools that we need to do the service and repairs.. stuff like that is like gold for us in Papua (not available!!) thanks ever so much!

Our staff loves to learn and will never forget the truly unique experience Rutger, Annet and Maurice gave them!


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