First trip of Dive tourists to Ahe Dive Resort Papua big succes

What a week! We welcomed the first group of dive tourists (or better guests that left as friends!) on our island. It was a unique experience for everyone. The guests, that already saw most well know dive areas in the world, enjoyed a spectaculair stay with many uniqe encounters (of cours the whale sharks) and where taken away with the beauty and uniqueness of the area. Dutch divers can read all about this first trip in one of the upcoming editions of Duiken, the foremost Dutch dive magazine in which a feature article on Ahe will be published. We will never forget the farewell ceremony given by the people of Ahe to thank this first group of visitors. To make it even more special, just after the group left their boat was accompanied by an enormous group of dolphins as the sun set down. A week full with unique experiences so got a spectacular final. We can’t wait for more people to visit Ahe and be our guest in paradise.


4 Responses to First trip of Dive tourists to Ahe Dive Resort Papua big succes

  1. Gerd Maury says:

    Nice to Hear That…

  2. JML says:

    How do i contact the dive resort to arrange for accom. and transfers.


  3. My dad recommended I might like this blog.

    He was entirely right. This post actually made my day.
    You cann’t imagine just how much time We spent of the information! Thanks!

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