Scubasigns now available in dutch antilles dive shops

We are happy to let you all know that most dive shops in the Dutch antilles (curacao, aruba, bonaire) will be having Scubasigns available to all their customers. Scubasigns is represented in the antilles by Palmtrading NV. They have a long established reputation on the islands and are preferred partner for many divestores. For more info on Palmtrading and the names of divestores selling scubasigns in the Antilles.. .please click her Bon bini!


First staff employed on Ahe dive resort Papua

Kaleb, Yulian, Michael and Rio

We are very happy to let you all know we have employed four great guys that will make up the Ahe dive resort dive team. They have been trained to the level of advanced diver, got good gear en will receive further training from us in the coming months. It is their goal to become Divemaster and guide visiting Divers to the most wonderful locations around the Harlem Islands.

They like their fathers and many generations before them where bound to become fishermen. They however persisted going into a different route and we are very happy that we can assist them in realising their dream.

It is a great joy to see how quick they are developping and what a sharp eye they have for everything under water. Despite growing up in a marine environment a new world has opened up for them. Before they where only focussing on the sea while (spear) fishing and they knew two types of fish.. eatable and non eatable. Now with training and more information on marine life, behaviour and knowledge about the reef and eco system they are amazed with the beauty and are keen to share it with the rest of the world.

In the next few months the task of Yulian, Michael, Kaleb and Mario will be to explore the vast area for dive sites and marine life. .. these waters are virgin dive grounds and every dive holds a new adventure and findings. Furthermore they will clean up and protect the reefs surrounding Ahe from anything (besides the wrecks) that doesn’t belong there.

On weekly basis we receive a dive report from them and we are looking forward to share their adventures and findings with you.

Read more about Ahe Island right here

Scubasigns featured from South Africa to Sweden

Here are some more new links to nice articles about Scubasigns:

The first is SUBMERGE Magazine from South Africa. They put the focus on the fun chapter in Scubasigns the guide to all diving handsignals. Check out the article here. Submerge is South Africa’s premier diving magazine, covers interesting diving topics with a large focus on diving and marine life in Africa. We invite you to view their previous E-Mags for FREE. Visit and click on the E-Mag button. To ensure you read the latest and greatest edition, SUBSCRIBE to their electronic current edition, on sale NOW via their website! Make sure you don’t miss a single edition!!! 

For those who speak Swedish the article from Dyk Diving Magazine is a good read. They wrote quite an extensive article on the wreck section of our book. Here you can download it. DYK is Scandinavia’s biggest diving magazine and is published monthly with more than 84 pages in each issue. It has been jointly published in Danish and Swedish since January 1998. DYK covers all aspects of recreational scuba diving, encompasses a wide range of subjects from diving medicine and wrecks in the Scandinavin waters to equipment tests, dive travel -destinations and more. Visit Dyk at

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