Dive voucher now available at Music Store


The scubasigns dive voucher has been a huge hit in Holland for raising money for the Scubasigns foundation. In 2008 there were more than 1500 people that used the voucher to enjoy a dive introduction at one of the 12 listed dive schools.  Now the voucher will also become available to everybody at the Music Store retail chain. Music store has 133 shops in Holland an we are very happy with their support! You can use this tool to locate a music store nearby.

About the dive voucher:
The dive voucher is available via the Internet at http://www.scubasigns.nl and can be used for a introduction to scubadiving. On the website people with a voucher make a selection from 12 dive schools throughout the country. An appointment is made and soon after you can experience for the first time how it is to freely glide through the water. All introductions are given by trained and certified diving professionals.

About Music store: