Cousteau receives Scubasigns book

IMG_6001Yesterday a major event took place in the Erasmus University.  Inspirational individuals associated with our ocean took the stage: Fabien Cousteau (oceanographer and grandson of the legendary Jacques Cousteau), Captain Paul Watson (founder of Sea Shepherd and Greenpeace), David Doubilet (underwater photographer National Geographic) and Professor Dr. Michael Braungart (Cradle-to-Cradle) shared their visions regarding the ocean and in particular the opportunities it affords humanity and the entire planetary ecosystem.

Fabien Cousteau, grandson of the late Jacques Cousteau received a copy of Scubasigns the guide to all diving hand signals from Scubasigns founders Dave van Stijn and Mike Harterink. The benefits of the book which gives divers an overview of all hand signals will go fully to the Scubasigns Foundation.

The Scubasigns Foundation contributes in the education of local people in undeveloped areas that want to become dive professionals or owners of a dive center. On the local level they want to create a strong economical interest in keeping marine life healty.


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