Scubasigns the book / press release

Speak the official Scuba diving language!

Would you like to be able to always express yourself and communicate with other divers all over the world? Here is your chance. Scubasigns is the definitive guide to all diving hand signals. It will make your dives safer, more interesting, and of course more fun. It’s a book not to be missed in any Scuba Divers Library no matter if you are a novice or a highly experienced diver.

Every divers learns some basic hand signals during dive training. There are however hundreds of other signals used by divers worldwide to show marine life, share information, indicate a problem or point out something interesting. Scubasigns contains all these hand signals. It’s a book that makes you wonder why it hasn’t been around for years already.

The authors travelled the world to collect all handsignals used by divers. Together with diving organizations they reviewed all signals. After years of study the official scuba diving language was created.  There are nearly 500 hand signals  in the book that were all photographed under water and are beautifully displayed on 288 pages. You will find them easy to understand and use in practice.

To make the book even more enjoyable some of the world’s best underwater photographers contributed Marine life footage to Scubasigns. You will like to pick up this book over and over again.

There are 13 chapters in the book that will appeal to the personal interest of every diver. No matter if you are a wreck diver, a tech diver, if looking at marine life is your thing etc.
– Surface
– Basics
– Night
– Marine Life Basics
– Marine Life
– Numbers
– Teaching & Guiding
– Problem (Solving)
– Environment
– Wreck
– Tech
– Fun
– Alternative signals


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