Wildlife photo of the year winner Brian Skerry will feature in Scubasigns book

We are very happy to announce that Brian Skerry’s Amazing photograph of a right whale will feature in the Scubasigns diving handsign book:

right-whale-brian-skerry‘Swimming with a 14-metre-long, 70-tonne whale, off the Auckland Islands, New Zealand, was the single most incredible animal encounter I have ever had. It was probably memorable for the southern right whale, too, which became fascinated by my dive buddy. Almost certainly the whale had never encountered humans under water, and was as curious about us as we were about it.’ Southern right whales live in the Southern Ocean. They are called right whales because according to hunters they are the right ones to hunt. This is because when they die their bodies float, making them easy to drag back to whaling stations. The most common cause of death for right whales these days is being hit by a ship or entangled in fishing nets. Enough have died this way to make them endangered.


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